Cover of track her by Vulkron (New Avi)
  • about 2 months ago
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Vulkron (New Avi), her

  • chill
  • sad

for the sadbois...


I thought so

i thought she would be mine

and i thought everything would be alright

if i only had her

I wanted it

i wanted the good

i wanted the bad

i only wanted her

When i looked into her eyes

something inside me changed

as if to say "this is the one"

the second i saw her

She was beyond perfect

her flaws were flawless

my life was instantly changed forever

the moment i met her


i will always love you

i still never see a day

that i don't think about you

at least a few times


lol i didnt think i had to vent, but ig i did :'(

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