Haven't published in a while. So here's a little track I've been working on for quite a while. Doesn't feel really finished to me, but hey, I can always repub ;)

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  • This is so nasty, wow.

  • refav

  • refav

  • Nice thors hammer bro cool

  • I love how much my car shakes

  • how does this have 4.5k listens but less than 200 favs??

    my only logical thought is the ppl who fav this listen to it A LOT

    this should be a top 10 track of all time, ez.

    • Thx for bringing me back to this

    • there is a track somewhere on AT that has 442K plays, but only like 100 favs

  • a little track youve been working on huh? NOT SO LITTLE.

  • sick!

  • the remix button is probably death and not goodness

    • I've never seen Audiotool overload on this particular machine. This does it.

    • It's a really big setup :) so try again and wait a bit longer i guess

    • Yes, i tried it b4

  • there shouldnt be any "similar tracks" this is out there all on its own. its so far outa reach from anything else produced here, lmao

  • Wow! What a work!

  • i wonder how this would sound if remastered in next


  • Forgot about this one

  • Refav