cut in half, as always

maybe i'll do it longer someday

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  • nice


  • very nice

  • great atmosphere

  • Those pads MY GOD :O

  • very nice!!

  • Juste magnifique, superbe ambiance, superbe son!

  • this is amazing

  • beautifull!!

  • Perfection!

  • Потрясающе!!! Breathtaking ambient!

  • Great work as usual.

  • ANYBODY READING THIS! Please listen to my newest track and critique/criticize it if possible (constructively, of course). Just recently began teaching myself to use DAW's and im just looking for some ways to improve my tracks.

    Thanks all keep audtiotooling :P

  • Beautiful work :)

  • Just wondering if you guys could just check out my track (It's really nothing much, I just wanted to know what people think, greatly appreciated :) )