Cover of track Mr Oizo (100 follower rmx contest) by Christian-Chrom
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Christian-Chrom, Mr Oizo (100 follower rmx contest)


it´s done i reached the 100 followers :)

thx to all people i met on AT and also thx for

your great support here. you are awesom!

for all who don´t know this little yellow thing

here is a link.

(link is only visible to registered users)

i tried to aim the original sound and it was not

so easy to make the base but finaly i got it.

the other sounds are samples because ...

try to make the sounds :D

ok here we go


1. no other daw allowed only at!

if you need some single sounds

from the original cut them out if you like.

2. have fun :)

due date is not set but its not a 2 month contest ;)

price will be a colab of the 3 most faved

or something like this and the usual things

like fav and comment their tracks and a spot

on top of my wall until reach 200 followers

have fon with this headbanger :)


1st @opaqity congrats m8 you deserve it because its an real awesom rmx!

2nd @brain-walker its my personal fav rmx congrats :)

3rd @Sharkyyo@ home i real like your version because of the base and the use of the original samples nice one :)

rmx of my personal choice is the rmx of @slopo

trippy mix with awesom percs :)

thx to all for entering the comp :)

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