Cover of track neek x dove by neek
  • about 4 months ago
  • 14087
  • 497
  • 243

neek, dove, neek x dove

  • collab
  • trap
  • future

shoutout to neek for inviting me to this

had a ton of fun working on it, p happy with what we came up with <3


this was a ton of fun. thanks for the collab dove, im love w the result <3


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    neek 5 days ago

    heeyyyyy 14k

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    MAkX [TR] 2 weeks ago

    i remember when this came out it had AT s h o o k

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    reyvaz 2 weeks ago


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    Khagi 3 weeks ago

    Wheres the Bass Nation link lmao?!

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    N̲-̲V̲I̲Z̲I̲O̲N̲ about 1 month ago

    ay yall should listen to my ReMix

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    Sub4sax about 1 month ago

    OMG i still can't get over this song! Believe it or not. I am a basketball player and when i have basketball matches, i listen to this song before the match starts so i can get some motivation for the game. You made a straight masterpiece right here. Good job you 2 i wonna see more stuff from you <3

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    doel about 1 month ago

    <3, nice work you to

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    Khagi about 1 month ago

    I can't express how fucking perfect this is.

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    七郎™ about 2 months ago

    Why the fuck this still go as one of the hardest tracks on this planet?

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    Fluent about 2 months ago

    perfect colab

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    Delve about 3 months ago

    this better pass saucy

    8 more
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    reyvaz about 3 months ago


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    KCBeats about 3 months ago

    I'm Stunned. Amazing!!!!

  • User Avatar

    neek about 3 months ago

    i dont think either of us expected this many favs thanks so much guys yall are the best <3

  • User Avatar

    neek about 3 months ago

    damn this doves 2nd top