Cover of track neek x dove by neek gae
  • about 11 months ago
  • 16475
  • 553
  • 270

neek gae, dove, neek x dove


shoutout to neek for inviting me to this

had a ton of fun working on it, p happy with what we came up with <3


this was a ton of fun. thanks for the collab dove, im love w the result <3


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    Tokofa about 3 months ago

    Why is Green hill zone catching up on dis

  • User Avatar

    .vistamista ☁ about 3 months ago

    overrated? maybe. bad? fuck no.

  • User Avatar

    ..granted] about 3 months ago

    I keep coming back to this frfr

  • User Avatar

    reyvaz about 3 months ago

    refav for the sixth time cuz this is my favorite track on AT

  • User Avatar

    sin thee about 4 months ago

    this is still fatal af