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  • once again sick! :)

  • Cool.

  • what is this btf you speak of? lol This is NICE!! Keep it Rockin DISGUISE

  • and btf! :)

  • yeah that bassline is sick!

  • thank you jambam!

  • Good 303 stuff here! :)

  • okay! now to add more stuff! (and remember my email...)

  • yeah go for it

  • btw, i only used a bassline and rasselbock for all the wobbles and stuff. there just one heisenberg, a pulv for the noise, and the heisen is that weird noise int he break time

  • oh, sorry, thank you all for the comments too :)

  • not sure. maybe so. should i submit it?

  • really unique sound! nice! :)

  • Is this for the competition?

  • Glad u made a new track :)