Sorry about the boring trance intro. Takes a while to get interesting. The stuttering sound was made using 2 pulvs, one of them acting as a gate.

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  • How did this never chart?

  • godly

  • #makekepztranceagain

  • this is trending lol?

  • staying home from school and listening Dream Tape

  • Not boring at all - a slow build-up fits perfectly here!

  • That gate pulv is incredible.

  • fuck martin garrix with his tracks... people should dance this

  • ahahahah i'm sharing to all italy ahah... this track deserves more listeners

  •, how much time did it take to you to create this song ? :0

  • &thx :)

  • Did someone share this somewhere? people are faving this again

  • ....need this everyday....

  • I see nothing wrong with the intro either, like sandburgen said it's not really what I typically associate with you and your music, but it's still great. Different is good every once in a while. Great track as always! Your sounds are always incredible!

  • please teach me master!