This project took about 2 months (excluding time waiting for parts/tools). Completely made from scratch except for electronics & bridge. This was my first ever guitar project and it came out poorly but I learned a ton. I hope to make another in the future!

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  • I want to remix

  • reminds me of the stuff my 1990 band did - johnny nervous and the shapeless pygmies from worcester mass... we played between boston and worcester from 1987 to 1993 - just reminds me of some of the stuff we improvised half fucked on coke and playing till 2am at ralphs chadwick square diner <3

    • Do you have any recordings floating around online of Johnny nervous and the shapeless pygmies from Worcester mass? (Sounds like a grindcore band name)

  • i had no idea this was here

  • so this is the best new sound

  • howd it turn out? sounds pretty decent

    • Yeah I bet, doing the fret board must have been a pain in the ass. There’s a reason they cost so much lol. Still very impressive

    • It's a nice decoration and I'll never play it again lol

      Making guitars is a tough job. There's a lot of tools and precise work that you need to do it right. I might try and make another to see if I can do better. I won't make it from scratch next time, though. I'm buying a neck.

  • im stealing this thank you

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  • I feel like multiband on the master of the track, and on the drums it is too much. Yes, it makes it “sound clean." But then we're running into the issue of the track not being able to breathe through clearly, and unstable dynamics. That's a really huge issue that AT has with its multiband; It's complete shit for a master effect. The kicks feel too compressed going through its own multiband, then into another one. I also advise to not use the limiter. It only limits the track by DB, not in LUFS.

    • Here's a happy inbetween I found in the studio; setting the gravity on a smaller limiter (about 20-25 ratio, 0ms attack, 50ms release and about 3 dB gain reduction...) I've left the audiotool limiter on to reduce some of the distortion, but that's all to taste. rms I just left at default 5ms.

      I think the multibands are still needed to squish the bass and kick together ( I grew up with Joey Sturig's work, I can't help myself) but I've taken each down to about 3dB gain reduction for hi transients

    • Yes, they are different measurements, and it's still enough to make your track clip. I'm not saying clipping is bad, I am saying it is not a true limiter. You're better off with peak compression with the gravity than the limiter on the master output. The premise of my feedback was that it feels too compressed. Maybe the feedback doesn't apply to you, and that is okay. A lot of what I said could be considered miniscule. And perhaps it is. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Duces.

    • dB and LUFS are measurements. That's like saying I'm running a shorter distance because i measured in metrics. It is mixed properly and then staged through a pretty standard and pretty gentle chain by modern standards.

      I don't want to shoot down your advice altogether, though. Remix is open if you want to take a closer look and see if you can clean it up some!

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  • animals as leaders type tone

    • you do you, I'm just trying to pass on advice given to me from far more experienced individuals. also you can easily get an input device for way less money, and use a free VST, into a free DAW. Which is probably the most accessible it gets.

    • @nameless it's all techniques from getting crunchy bass tones back in the 90's. I try to avoid doing too much in any other DAW or vst so that people can emulate the exact tools I'm using. I like the challenge of making cheap gear sound good anyways!

    • sounded like you recorded a live amp, and there's nothing wrong with that but it can be difficult, personally I just use an amp sim.

      neural dsp makes a good amp sim called archetype: abasi, also a plini one. ml sound labs makes one called amped roots 2.0 and it's free.

      most of tosins tones are low gain though, and from personal experience its easier to get a good tone on the F# and B string of an 8 string using low gain.

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  • your drums are always so damn satisfying to listen to

  • Now we need a grand piano

  • babe wake up naswalt just posted

  • impressive in so many regards also thanks for using my glitch sample

    • thank you for uploading it! Fills out the section so well!

  • Dayummmmmmmmmmm

  • teach me

    • what to talk on discord

    • the most important lessons I learned: don't cheap out on tools. start with an easy guitar project so you can learn. finish the neck first.