Cover of track $TACK$ ft. Lil' Inf by Infyuthsion
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Infyuthsion, $TACK$ ft. Lil' Inf


Wanted to make a lil pump beat.


Ooh I get stacks

Ooh I get stacks

( I get stacks ) I get stacks

Ooh - Ooh I get stacks

Million dollar star

Million dolla car

Drippin with ice ( Drippin )

Ballin' so tight

Take a little hit

Pull up in my Whip (Skrrrnn)

I get so paid

Straight to the bank

Strapped like BRRRUH

Lean spillin out my cup

Record Deals Blowin' up

I don't need nobody YUH

Fuckin with lil' inf

UH get the fuck up hurr

I make it rain green

Sippin dat lean

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