Since I started using robot voices I've had this image in my head of an EDM obsessed completely mad domestic robot. Harmless (as long as you do what you're told) but with a hint of pure evil psychosis. Anyway hope you enjoy! :)

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  • cheers Trick and thank you again ssagg :)

  • cool.

  • good listen

  • that was great, bass like that works just as good as oatmeal for me sometimes :P

  • haha :] nice

  • i officialy btf this by royal decree of that royalperson and what not. ;)

  • Hehe Thank you everyone!!! This really shot up in the faves since last I checked!!! @fauko It's whatever SHE decides!!

  • this is scary - so... Irish, Scottish, instant, rolled, quick cook? ...and should it be organic?

  • I fuckin love Staffordshire oatcakes, ( they are made from oaty stuff), with bacon and yeh, I will eat more oatcakes for a healthy heart :)

  • Yep BONKERS!!!

  • Me? totally bonkers! :) Cheers guys!

  • i question your sanity occasionally jambam! ;)

  • i really wish i could like that comment A.G., i really do :)

    hehe, great track, more importantly :D (jk, ( jk about the jk ( no i wasn't (yes i was))))

  • lol this should be in one of those government sponsored commercials about how eating right can pay off later :)