Cover of track Ocean's Cadence by Two-Sworded
  • about 11 months ago
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Two-Sworded, Ocean's Cadence


gonna need alot of feedback one this one.

discount version of burial or olaf.

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    okin about 10 months ago

    f e e l s

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    PLUBBS about 10 months ago

    Man, so chill

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    Coeur about 11 months ago

    I would recommend switching up that main drumbeat a bit. Throw in some new rhythms and stuff so it doesn't get too repetitive, and maybe move some of the Percy's just a tad off the beat. Fantastic track though, it really feels like I'm listening to burial!

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    Astroboy about 11 months ago

    This song is pure aesthetic! I especially love the guitar and whispers at the end. It's definitely a different style than i'm used to from you.