This song turned up in my head and out from my keyboard while I was installing Microsoft Office 2010. In this track I have combined three softwares: Sibelius 4 with Kontakt Player Gold (for rhodes, strings, harp and arrangement), Audacity (for recording my whistling) and Audiotool (for drums, bass, mixing and effects). Enjoy!

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  • utopian virtual

  • Woaaaa!!!!

    That bass

    That rhythm

    And the whistle

    the progression

    Everything is perfect

    I'm shocked... rly

    What a pity that remix option is not available to see architecture

  • The string synth sound brings back nostalgia of the N64 days.

  • Lol I don't get u, but it's okay.

  • Oh and Potasmic, I'm referring to the place where the Rhodes is playing a melody line in unison with the whistling.

  • This is really odd. Now that I give this yet another listen, I've changed my mind again. I think I'd like to hear the whistling just a tiny bit more on top. It feels kinda weird to have the drums more on top than the melody. If the cymbals were a touch more laid back, maybe that would open up the pocket a bit. I don't know, it's a very small difference.

  • I disagree. If a layer has the same rhythm as another layer all the time, that'd be useless. I like this how it is now

  • There are times when I go back to some of my old posts and cringe, and this is one of those times. The bridge is great, not sure what I was thinking there. I still think the Rhodes should have followed the whistling's beat placement on the melody, (not the comping) but the timing otherwise was good. And I feel silly reading my explanation like you didn't know what laying back was. Ah well, this one's a classic.

  • relaxing~~

  • I'm back in 2005, playing the original Sims.

  • I would buy a ticket to see a band play this, or Frigo clone himself into 5 copies or something haha

  • I just love it! It's a band!

  • mmm

  • We need a montage to go with this