On the rhodes... ;) Warning: Big pulverisateur solo at 1:40 ! Enjoy!

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  • Why is the snapshot like that ahaha

    • i think its an older feature where you can highlight all the knobs, i remember doing it once, but it was probably removed a couple years ago

    • yeah

  • hands down the best jazz tune on AT

  • why is the snapshot so inverted

    this is a happy song not a cursed one >:((((

  • superrr groovyy

  • Still coming back to this masterpiece.. You master this genre like no other on AT :)

  • Still one of the best all time!

  • I aspire to be this lit on the keys and in composition aaaaaaaaa

  • The Rhodes sound great!

  • Perfection itself!

  • Too bad a lot of this is outside of audiotool... I wish original audiotool music could be this good.

  • really love your work! keep it up =)

  • 100th comment

  • This is amazing!!

  • Stick with jazz, all your good stuff seems to be jazz

  • could I use this for a non profitable youtube video's background music please?