I haven't made one like this in a while; i think it turned out really nice. thanks to infyuthsion for the nice pads.

just put some headphones on and relax.

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  • Miam !!!!! Looove !

  • Love this

  • One of my favorites. I think the most attractive thing about your music, the thing that makes it so unique, is that melody overcomes the techy-dubby bits. The melodic lines are focused upon, along with subliminal dub, which is eargasmic.

  • WOW, nice!!! go on with thissss!!!

  • really awsome m8... very cool track !

  • Trance~Cyber reggae funk, anyway I love it...fantastic work!!!

  • still in love with this shit


  • What kind of computer do you have?

  • lol thanks @the alchemist. i know there's no actual osmosis happening here, it's just pretty. rather have an under the sea shot than one of permeable membranes ;)

  • Just absolutely amazing

  • p.s- there's no semi-permeable membrane in the picture ;D

  • lol! i just learned about osmosis in school a couple days ago!!! :O

  • show love here ------>LOVE<-------

  • yep :)