first track for the album.

i am working on other tracks but they are taking time as my setups always end up getting so complex. sorry but its gonna go slow. :(

enjoy! :)

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  • Thanks Opaqity for reminding me to reexplore amoeba's music, such nostalgia :)

  • uuuughhh i cant even express

  • the clicky sound and the intermittent melody i love somuch

  • ahh shivers

  • WOAH

  • and did you never make this album either?

  • no i never heard this :( are you an alien? jw

  • need to remaster this... :/

  • oh btw did i ever mention that synth sounds like a ringing phone? lol.. was my only complaint. but i guess its kinda creative

  • This is perfect it's the first track on my ambient playlist

  • thanks :)

  • Wonderful.

  • going through sort of a creative...blah...time....yknow... :(

  • thank you guys soo much! :)

  • brb dreaming—