First time making riddim, made some Hukae/Canoto/Dennett inspired stuff

Feedback is appreciated, as this is every unfinished and I intend on finishing this eventually

All future clips will be uploaded on @RUE!

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  • 50+ devices, something my pc cant handle..

    • my computer wouldnt handle it if i even tried to remix it

  • Republished

    slight mix changes, trying to focus on finishing this

  • oh myyyy

  • i cant wait to learn riddim, i hear it all the time at the nightclub

    • po9t riddim would be nuts 💀

    • riddim is fun to make on AT, it just takes extra experimenting and really weird chains of effects

    • po9t clubbin

  • how am i just now seeing this oh my gosh

  • Damn that's a clean mix

    • bro it took forever to mix this for some reason, ty

  • yES

  • clean

  • chat is this infekt?

  • needs more fills and harder drums but i love that flow so much

    • for sure

      pretty much a rough concept rn

      i want to make this more inspired by hukae, so there's definitely going to be a bunch of fun glitchy fills

  • so this is what they meant by woman belong in the kitchen

    never cook again lil bro you might burn it 💀💀💀💀

  • FAT W

  • i know i'm repubbing a fucking CLIP but the mixing was ass i had to fix it rq

  • audiotool evolution!