By armandoAP

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  • Cool:)

  • Awesome! Lookin' foward to the complete version!

  • There is a playbug, but that could explain it too :)

  • But I think there might be a playbug ;)

  • Hahaha yes, I don't really care for the n° of plays or likes, just to share with my friends and have fun, that's important (and I published it on facebook ;) )

  • Play bug strikes again. There's no way this got 350 plays without any advertising, no tags and only a little followers. :p

  • It's essential to save ur favorite sounds as presets :p To save synth/effect/tool presets, click on the circle button next to X where you delete the synth from. Once you click it, theres all sorts of buttons like "load preset, save preset etc. Click save preset and then add name, maybe tags or description and choose to make it available or keep private. For this case, make public so once you go to Arkayyydo and open a synth, you can search for your preset and use it here :)

  • Thanks Daftwill ;)

  • good preview guys i wait the full song :)

  • Thanks guys, aand okayyy , agree for the remix ;) but can you explain me how you save the preset ?

  • I didn't do anything here btw :p been busy with school and own project so full credit for armando for stepping out of his comfort zone :) And awesome track Armando, I shall work on it later :) Let's continue it as a remix so we dont have to republish

  • very good.

  • Haha yes ;) thanks Jace :)

  • I recognize that Flick Snare oneshot anywhere haha.. This is really cool! Especially around 2:40 .. those sweeping whatever that is..that is reeeally cool!

  • Well, I tried dubstep but, that's a mystery for me , so The last part I'll let okayyy do it ;)