This still has a bit of fine tuning left, but I'm leaving town again for a few days and I felt I should go ahead and publish.

I've been wanting to do an all 303 track for a long time, and getting some recent inspiration from C-men and Someone, I decided to go ahead and do it. Everything on the track is a Bassline except for the growl bass and the drum oneshots.. It's pretty messy, but I hope that its listenable.. Cheers until next week! :)

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  • Very cool !

  • I would have never found this unless for the 303 day contest. Fantastic work, goodness.

    Sounds like a bad gear jam lol!

  • love it

  • great work man, remember, kick from 303 is also good, with best punch, also snare is possible, we have problems only with hats

  • Noice

  • cool bassline :D!

  • @Noir Not sure what you mean by ducking...I've never heard that term before. You're right though. I listened to that section and it does sound like a loop. That part has no automations, so I'm thinking that If I added a bit of motion it might help. Thanks for the insights. ;)

  • So much energy! Love this! Careful with the ducking around 3:00 , the groove starts to feel like more of a lope than a drive. When you have more energy in the 303s like at 4:00 , this actually really helps give a unique groove, so just keep in mind that it's all about the way the sounds interact.

  • so creative

  • Acidtastic! Love it!!!

  • Fantastic work with the 303! :)

  • Aciiiiiiid! <3

  • I have some killer bassline stuff coming up soon :) in the app right now