Cover of track Park View by arche3.0
  • about 6 years ago
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arche3.0, Park View



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    andremoda about 6 years ago

    wow, awesome synth-note-work. i will take a walk in this park ;) cool work !

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    Dei Servus about 6 years ago

    hahah very weird!! odd mix of different sounds! but it does sound good!!

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    cripta about 6 years ago

    beautiful central part !

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    yafee? about 6 years ago

    he is the 'madman of mental multi layered melodies'! (thats a mouthfull but sounds good,hehe)! n1m8! :)

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    arche3.0 about 6 years ago

    Seems I have a little sound bleeding after a couple sections. When/If it gets on my nerves I'll go back in and clean it up.