'dear sasha grey

i wrote to explain

i'm your biggest fan'

basic late night production for your pleasure.

this was made by free will, not affekt!

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  • ist schon ne steile nummer.

  • great track to a great artist (not only porn!)...

  • I'm listening to this again. The subbass is very well-mixed!

  • Still one of my personal favorites!

  • I watched the video on YouTube!!

  • this makes me cry :')

  • Refav

  • oh man!!! Good reverb automations!!

  • ... high level musik ... very nice track

  • yummy dub techno. if i participate, things like this and JT's tut is gonna help me a lot

  • Lol ;)

  • Good self-review :) One of my all-time-favs on the site man. Always enjoyable to dance to

  • starts of pretty horrible, that high hat sounds so old and outdated, also, how come you its length is dynamic, sounds unwanted and broken. after the first boring bars are over it starts to sound actually quite good. love the percussion effects, the rises are maybe a bit too much, and when the beat kicks in, its maybe a bit too less. also that mid percussion sounds a bit out of tune.

  • supportive percussive melody line is really standard and boring like the arpeggio, but they sound pretty well together, they remind me indeed of bloodhound gang - chasey lain. that break is really nice, super relaxed chords, got some kind of hit quality if it wasnt it that powerless and slow, bump it up another bpm.

  • the last bars with chords in it are great, reverb sounds really good on these chords, but yeah, that awesome part is too short. never the less, one good audiotool track, stands out with its boring uniqueness. i fav it - oh, wait!