CPU Killer

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  • the beat is inspired (means stolen ;) by Teardrop of course. my favorite downbeat of all time btw

    the bass is more a bit like the one from Angel but that one was in the original aswell ... thank you guys very mucha

  • That sub is awesome. Very inspiring. I can hear a little "Teardrop" myself. ;)

  • So massive attacky man,,teardrop jumps to the front,,i think it be the beat m8 very cool sandy ;)

  • wow :o

  • this bass!!! my brain is shaking. love it!

  • Gah I miss the old audiotool :'( . So much greatness right here... Blows my crappy original out of the water lol

  • }=)

  • awsome work

  • Sandburgen........... this is right down my alley..

  • cool!

  • Missed it too! like it!

  • Awesome remix !

  • Huh. I missed this one. Great remix!

  • LOL sandburgen good one mate i cry ....i believe it to i go whit the daliy then when i see there is no more i go in the past ..it's pretty rare ...hehe

  • yes i't s just too much around here to get it all. I don't even get every new track of the inner circle people ... I'll catch it up when I'm retired ;)