fuck you i barely survive myself


(a.k.a Quicksilver edit)


Just a remix idea. Its good because of the og, but happy that I forced myself into working on this a bit more, made me get some decent ideas I was kinda capable of making a reality, namely the second drop :)

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  • yeah you cant kill me now

    I cannot die

    throw anything at me

    I will survive

    Hope you enjoy this sight

    Here! Watch me thrive

    I could eat mercury

    and I'd survive


  • Yum

  • well you made me cum

    • I guess you're wellcum. Was thinking hard about this response.

  • Holy shit

    • 1trillion did a great job at this. I really like the remix, but yeah, the OG is where it's at.

  • woah

  • Screw what I said before, I legit listen to this and enjoy it. Its certainly flawed, but the idea is there and it sounds dope. Most credits go to 1trillion of course, its their work that even just gave me the idea. Anyway, whatever, ignore this hehe.

  • Wait, Mercury the planet or Mercury the element? Lol either is bad.

  • lmao number 4

  • ngl, disappointed with this. I dont feel what I wanted to publishing this. I just kinda feel cold towards this.

  • ok that second drop is so sick