last one for this days off.

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  • Fiendishly cool m8...!!! Always guaranteed to make my ears sigh with envy your tracks ;)

  • thank you guys :)

  • hypnotic groove!

  • Wow!!! This got me from the first second! This groove is brutal :D

  • Danke Mann

  • hab ich schon gesagt das das ding hier bombe is!? wenn nich...


  • thanks ivs

  • superrrrrr nice!!! muy muy muy top!

  • Thanks man :)

  • nice track mon :)

  • No, just the enhancer on the hihats. maybe it changed the hi frequencies ... I still like the snare and I think it sounds the same ;)

  • Did u changed the snare also? Cus now i like it. Might have been the combination with the hats.

  • oh and thanks Mr Seahorse ... I appreciate drum compliments especially by drummers :)

  • Republished

    Fixed Hihats / Stereo Enhancer was too much over the flanger

  • You never fail to send me away happy. fantastic drums!