Cover of track 1.5k (32 bpm challenge/remix comp)concusive remix by Concusive
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Concusive, 1.5k (32 bpm challenge/remix comp)concusive remix


hello welcome to standing up school

*sleeps all day*

Aaaand you fail


fuck me right in the pussy for making another remix competition. I really didnt wanna make this a remix comp, but i got lazy and just kinda said screw it.

Same deal as before: Winners get bragging rights, losers don't.

Deadline: April 25th, 2018


Best for last. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 1.5K!!! Like fr I didnt even think i'd hit 1k, let alone 1.5k! Thank you all so much for you love, support, and memes :D :D


A few shoutouts to a few people

Sub4sax - First man im shouting out because you didnt just meet me here, you went out of your way to come find me on instagram, snapchat, and you even urged me to do a buncha collabs with you :D You're amazing man, without you i dont think i'd even have 1k <3 <3


Gofkuh - Youre also amazing because you also found me on social media (and because you play fortnite ;)) You're still learning how audiotool works, but you're doing amazing for not knowing audiotool for even a year. Thank ya fam <3 <3


calberg - Bro, you're nuts. Not a year ago we collabed and i thought "ah hes kinda good, he probably wont do too good in the future, but whatever." Boy was I wrong. You're freaking amazing man :D You make some of the best trap productions ive ever heard on AT. Thanks for being a great follower :D


I have so many more people to shout out for their help in making me what I am today, but these guys did the majority of the impact recently. Thank you all soo much again for 1.5k!!! <3 <3 <3

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