Cover of track Potentiowalker II by Polygon Cube
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Polygon Cube, Potentiowalker II

  • acid
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Okay, some of you may know, i had recently started to notice these odd...signs.

These signs i percieved by the corners of my eyes at certain moments, and, had i not know the style of acid, i would have ingored them as fun little quirks in life.

Although im not a huge believer in fate, sometimes...things happen in ways that cannot be easily explained. Thus, these signs i keep speaking of correlate to certain...instruments...the likes of which are used to make...


Yes, far ive had too many run ins with them, which leads me to the next question: How can i refuse the fates telling me to MAKE ACIED?!

Simple answer is...i will not...and thus, you hear what i have made in honor to whatever destiny has chosen me as the vessel to its squelchy, acid domain...

Enjoy! And below i have left the signs i have seen so far.


-On 4 different occasions, looking at the clock the time reads... 3:03

-Chapter and Exercise header in Physicas class, it reads: 30.3

-On 3 occasions, the clock would read... 6:06

-On 3 occasions, the same clock would read... 7:07

-Im certain an early morning clock read... 8:08

-Cell phone clock once noted 9:09

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    ssagg. about 4 years ago


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    Acidic Electro about 4 years ago

    Dude this is sweet. Lol the signs... I might try to remix this at some point if that's cool.

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    Dark Matter about 5 years ago

    nice track btw!

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    Polygon Cube about 5 years ago

    thanks OscarOllie...I try not to abuse the distortion, its been a bit done to death, I prefer my 303 slightly EQ'd through a straight signal ;)

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    ollie about 5 years ago

    Not normally a fan of acid, but this seems friendlier than a lot of it out there! :)