My futurepop attempt. Nothing to specifically note about the production, as it's pretty straightforward. I may put my vocals to this at some later point!

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  • so badass!

  • Sweet Hands-up track!

    really powerfull melody aswell ;)

  • super

  • have a questiong for you on this do you get that certain synth sound at around 1:28 . if you feel like answering than plz just post on my wall thanks.

  • nice sound - but a little to soft, maby use a distorsion

  • Hey Infyuthsion, you really should do what Astrum did and release a online CD. That would be pretty cool and make it easier for everyone to hear and download your awesomeness!!! =)

  • keep up the good work!!! ??? ??b

  • Great track , thats the sound of good music bud !

  • nice ! )))))

  • Wow man nice job to bad I can't a make anything like this:(. But keep at it bro

  • the melody is splendid

  • very good song!! =)

  • This is really amazing. It blew my mind through space.


  • nice one too