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  • Excellent !

  • Love it :)

  • I have the same comment as the one I made on 'Lost in Space', except this is named much better. Also, from personal experience, anime characters are really creepy. Great job on the music, though! I think it is composed excellently.

    See comments on 'Lost in Space' for more details.



  • awesome melody

  • this sounds amazing

    its like a mythical adventure

  • Seven months ago I forgot to favorite this. I can even see my old comment. I'll fix this now. :P

  • hey i looked ar a bunch of ur turtoirials on youtube and this is what i made claimed

  • nice

  • this just blew my mind, can you teach some tricks?

  • Omg, I don't even need to listen to it until the end! I fell in love in the first second!

  • :D

    I lav.

  • this song is amazing, all except for that click that comes in around .29