Well guys, i'm afraid i'm gonna be moving away from audiotool as a daw. I've got different software, and I need to devote my time and enery there. I will still upload my tracks from there to AT, so you, my adoring fans, can purchase them for $ 5.99 each. lol jk, but srsly i will keep yall posted. Thanks so much for teaching me so much, and appreciating all the ass tracks I upload. Here's one more for the road.

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  • <3

  • dude, this is not extratone, this is not speedcore, this is not even hardcore, this...is...GARAGE HOUSE! bro, you gotta put the right tags in or else ass holes are gonna come in and start making a mess of the comments with people spamming shit about click bait and stuff (however I am kinda impressed that you do know about extratone in the first place considering how underground it is).

  • So dope, dont know how I havent heard of you sooner!

  • thanks bruh


  • oliver is on!

  • tanks :)

  • refave

  • bcuz this isn't pro enuf

  • this is a-class deep house and its pretty awesome it could come into a popular record label so why u no send in recurd label

  • rekt

  • expe im still here

  • After just hearing 3 of your tracks, I was so ready to hit that follow button until I read the desc that you're leaving. ;-;

  • Thanks so much synth! And guys i'm not leaving, just not using the app

  • 2:59 deserves yet another refav dammit <3