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Thanks for your support, see you soon!
GenesisNetwork was the beginning of a powerful enterprise dedicated to sharing the connectivity of Audiotool across all platforms. Founded to strengthen our community and develop an elite group of artists by sharing the resources of auditory and visual appeal to those striving to become better; and shine a light on artists who need it most.
Although acknowledged as an outstanding attempt at what we are striving to attain, Genesis was only a concept put into action; a two step process: think and do. So, we've heard the cry of the oppressed community and decided we can take this to an even further level. As was said, the structure of Genesis is restricting to the artist and a hinderance to their creativity. With this, we're reconstructing the entire enterprise from the ground up. Bear with us, as something as large as what's to come will take a ton of planning.
"As a test run, Genesis was one of my most successful projects yet. But I'm not done yet..."
- Apollo Euphoria, Founder/Host
‍‍‍ ‍‍‍ What To Expect
- A team of moderators and developers working to expand the enterprise
- No more waves; artists can come and go as they'd like
- Podcasts showcasing new and old music you may not have heard yet
- Website, Patreon, etc.
and much much more.
It's been a good run so far, thanks for the amazing journey. Now, it's time... for rebirth.

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