Cover of track the pieces fit by sim
  • 3 weeks ago
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sim, naswalt, the pieces fit

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big thank to nas for working w me on this

both our comps cant really handle it anymore so i just tried to finish it as efficiently as possible ahah

sorry if the last half sounds clumsy

anyways uhhhh yeah enjoy

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    Synthlex 18 hours ago

    this is fucking profesh <3

    needs some mastering but its good af <3

  • User Avatar

    Alexi 1 week ago

    ok now this deserves chart

    less boring lmao

  • User Avatar

    Ari. 1 week ago

    rechart nice

  • User Avatar

    Bluedude 1 week ago

    Sounds flippin great on speakers but on headphones it sounds alright. Mostly cuz those tom drums sound a lot better on speakers.

    • User Avatar

      Snowfire 1 week ago

      True. I play it through a bluetooth speaker and it sounds pretty good. Also, I have it downloaded to my chromebook and for the past week ive been listening to it and forgive you on the bus ride to school XD

  • User Avatar

    Bluedude 1 week ago