Cover of track the pieces fit by sim
  • about 6 months ago
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  • 187
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sim, naswalt, the pieces fit


big thank to nas for working w me on this

both our comps cant really handle it anymore so i just tried to finish it as efficiently as possible ahah

sorry if the last half sounds clumsy

anyways uhhhh yeah enjoy

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    blvy 3 weeks ago

    this is insane

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    sin thee about 1 month ago


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    dove about 1 month ago

    still can't get over how good this track is

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    KrestWood about 2 months ago

    god damn this is so fucking goood

    also i might be high on coke :-D

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    Auxilor [REMIX COMP] about 2 months ago

    man i would remix this but the setup is such a mess

    i mean i could clean it up and make it like my setup but fr last time i did that on skydoxi x dove and it took me over an hour to have it be a simple 3-centroid setup like what i use and have it also sound the same