big thank to nas for working w me on this

both our comps cant really handle it anymore so i just tried to finish it as efficiently as possible ahah

sorry if the last half sounds clumsy

anyways uhhhh yeah enjoy

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  • 2 YEARS??

  • refav

  • can I just say how much love I have for this track

  • Hi, I have a question. I'm making a track and need to insert an audio file into it. How do I do that?? I'm new here. So I don't really know how it all works.

    • @sim is such a helpful good friend :)

      @abbie_gomez you can also click on the project drop-down menu that's at the top right corner of the audiotool studio. the last option says "sample upload"

      that'll take you to the probe app which lets you add your samples! Note that you will need to get sample upload priveldges (which just means that audiotool doesn't want you uplaod other people's copyrighted works)

      We're excited to see what you do! Thanks for reaching out!

    • i recommend giving the board a shot, it may answer a lot of your questions



    • first, you'll want to add an audiotrack into the desktop

      then, in the area where you add devices, you can switch the tab at the top to 'samples' and drag a sample into the timeline where the audiotrack is listed

      if it's your own recording that you've uploaded, you can switch tabs again to 'my' and it will show you your own uploaded samples

  • simpler times

  • fckin hell

  • still the best song on the whole site

  • oh shit the end changed I fuckinggsoijgsoighsohso love this

    • This song is official sim's. He did so good on this.

  • so fucking good still

  • classic

  • yeah once next gets it shit together, i'll be doing something different for the second half

    repeating the first just seems lazy, nam sayin?

    • holy shit, man this just got so much better <3

    • fianlly got around to this lol

    • It bothered me at first, but it's such a strong piece that the way this moves has really grown on me. I'm probably more happy with this track than any other work. Once again, you killed it

  • Noice

  • Republished

    -variation between first and second choruses

    -slight mixing changes

    gonna call this track done now

  • i got the sickest remix of this dude

  • lyrics ples

    • 4months late but idc

    • when the truth comes out

      and the pieces fit

      and nobody will soon forget

      you're paranoid


      you and me and you

      we got something thats going on

      we got something thats going on

      we got something thats going ononuhuhonon





      when the truth comes out

      and the peices fit

      and nobody will soon forget

      you're paranoid

      you and me and you

      we got something thats going on (x3)



      (repeat verse)