Cover of track Weaver Of Dreams: 100 Remix Comp [closed af] by DreamWeaver
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DreamWeaver, Weaver Of Dreams: 100 Remix Comp [closed af]


Thanks for 100 Followers.

I thought of giving up multiple times, but I'm really glad that I've hit this milestone, and it gives me motivation. Remix this old unfinished track of mine.


•Must be at least 1:30 long

•Use either one of the chords progs. (or both if you want)

•Try to actually make something new with it (not just a beat over it, tempo change, etc)

•Any genre is fine (but I adore synthwave, ambient, and chiptune)

•If you decide to not to use either chord progs. and you just make a completely new track, I will not totally dismiss it

Deadline: November 29th (will extend if anyone wants more time)

There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Entries will be judged by quality, coherence, and musicality.

I'll make up prizes once I'm done with judging.

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