...Where to start ?


Once again i thank retro for the inspiration, i feel like i'm one of the only few seeing the huge bop potential that lays in every of his dead drafts. I did whatever i wanted with this, thanks for the advice, man.


A huge thank you to @Julsy too for having hands down the most beautiful voice i've seen on this website. I've been amazed by her work as @rue jue and her collab with @Ante when i first arrived here 8 years ago.


also big up to my mouth for the background shakers


I hope you'll enjoy listening to this as much as i enjoyed making this. Please don't skip through the track, i tried not to have any repetitive parts.


Merry Christmas everyone. :)

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  • 7/9 is CRAZY!!!! WOAH

  • c a r a v an p a l a c e

  • Those vocals :D

  • I'm considering saving for a recording mic, so I can upload samples of my tenor sax.

    • blooome you got your mic, so you better pay some favors to this man

    • no, i dont need money, i can do it as volunteer work

    • you gonna pay him to play? lets see the money

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  • oh yes, this is so well done, I love it!!


  • yoooo

  • This lacks a funky solo melody at some point

  • OOOoooOO this a saucyY

  • woow ca sonne tellement pro, beau travail

  • absolutely love this

  • How did you get that sax sound bro

    Is that a synth? Or a sample

    Any VSTs?

    • i went way to heavy on that last comment, tim is just good B)

    • I see

      Also I appreciate that u still open remix despite the constant track stealing you get

      I'll make it up to u i promise, I'll give u at least one decent remix lmao

    • Haha no actually it's just a sample made by Noir that I found in the library on AT. I just played with it.

      I'll open remix soon (when I'm done with it), this way you'll see how the sounds were created

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  • Time for Tim to rape the charts again

    and I ain't complaining

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  • Bro marry me already

  • I don't think this is your best work but it is still very good