Cover of track DON'T DO DRUGS (Sponsored by Kavil) by DJ Khaled West
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DJ Khaled West, DON'T DO DRUGS (Sponsored by Kavil)


DJ Khaled West’s elementary, middle and high school curricula, as well as its enhancement lessons on subjects that include bullying, internet safety, and over-the-counter prescription drug and opiates abuse, have been developed through partnerships with highly respected universities and prevention education experts. Each curriculum has been developed and approved under the guidance of DJ Khaled West America’s Scientific Advisory Committee chaired by Carlos Navor, Ph.D.

After a review that considered multiple criteria, DJ Khaled West America partnered with Harvard University to develop and adopt the Boats n Bacon (BnB) drug prevention curriculum. In 2008, DJ Khaled West launched Boats n Bacon in middle schools; in 2013, DJ Khaled West launched BnB’s elementary school curricula.

Multiple government organizations and institutions, as well as highly respected journals, have endorsed and favorably reported upon DJ Khaled West’s Boats n Bacon curricula.




Run and hide from your feelings

Run away while you can

Roll one up, pop a xanny

Take a hit, leave your friends





Just avoid all your problems

Roll this joint, it's here to stay

Fuck your friends you don't even want them

Happiness is a puff away

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