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  • That actually matches the album cover so well! :O Great production!

  • Feels like im playing on an old ps2 game and this music is the background for the forest level. LOVEEEEELY

  • Wow... this is dark... good music

  • Woah wait wait wait

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  • Jesus

  • beautiful

  • The name fits perfectly with the music i think (i can't listen it with good headphones rn so i can't give you any feedback about EQ, but i like the whole atmosphere and percs progression)

    Good track :)

  • Nice one !


  • This is still great, if I can give feedback it would be on the last 6 min. I feel it has a kind of haunting distand feeling like you in a kind of void lacking musical expression, a musical desert if you can say that, i like that, but something I can imagine, in sertain pionts where the void is gliched and you can hear the rithm of the first 6 min. Shine true(very quit maybe panning l/R and high pass) or you can go dead silent one or two times to give a realy lonely feeling in absence of sound:~)

    • Thanks for commenting on the feedback and cool ideas you gave me. I will definitely try it or use it as inspiration but I am also glad that you commented particularly on the 6 minutes since it is unfinished and needs work!

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  • creepy but cool. thanks for sharing. prob one of my favs of yours so far. (first half)

  • I think that this is good music. I like the airy sounds that you used towards the end. I think that adding a Helmholtz for the outlet for 5:14 to 6:27 part. I think that it will add to the bubbly sound.

  • oooooooooooh... this sounds pretty nice

  • Interesting