I've been working on this track for lil over a year now and Im proud to say its finally done.

-check out poet on spotify, soundcloud, apple music, and youtube for more music!

-lmk what you think of the song! i love hearing your feedback!

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  • This is my mothers fav song of mine

  • Awesome work !

  • setting this as my alarm notifiation

  • although BL4KBRD and Fluent helped made this song I remixed it Its my name.

    and put ft poet because you know its his song that i remixed. hehehehe

  • i just need a little time in my headspace

  • i wish i could use this beat

  • can I sample this guitar actually

    • I think it is a major

    • absolutely no clue- i didn't use pitch correction with my vox haha. the bass was also tuned by ear

    • whats the key

  • How do you write lyrics any tips?

    • want me tbh? i wrote from the heart. CHEESY AS IT SOUNDS i wrote what i was feeling lol

  • Great song love all the fx u used

  • 1 more
  • ALRITE! this is the second time i've caught someone just straight up copying my track on the remixes. im turning off the remix option- im sorry

    • i just dont like the idea of people copying and pasting my ideas and lyrics- just my personal preference

    • Lucky you. Usually only remixable tracks get featured.

      After ten years of this remix without changes drama I still don’t understand what the problem is. Someone clicked remix and published without changing something ok The original author is still shown as original artist and everybody sees who the copyist is. So what?

    • If someone wants ti remix the song, u can copy paste headspace into an empty draft and then leave that draft after inviting the guy who wanted to remix it hahahah just a quick lil tip

  • Hey

    So I hv finished the remix but I mastered it on ableton. Any idea hoe do i upload it here??

    • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ya gotta upload every clip in like 30 sec intervals lol

  • A mini Iann Dior!!!!

  • love this!, would you mind giving me some tips? i have some lyrics i wanna record but i cant figure out how to make beats here!

    • i don't know how to make beats either lol. i'm completely self taught. Audiotool is where i came to make beats and it just takes time to find your own voice on here. my suggestion is watch some audiotool tutorials and everything will come together in time

  • I love you for making this song. Tops my playlist :D

    Is this on YouTube though?