We must dare... Is necessary to walk a tightrope no safety net. We must be reckless. Thanks contributors.

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  • very thanks Fauko!

  • BTF - master sound designer :)

  • Thank you all for the audience and especially to those who chose this track as a favorite.

  • Very thanks Hertz!

  • bravo

  • Syntax, thank you for your attention and comment.

  • Oh man this is so good! I think this is my favorite from you ntjon. It's so cool sounding. All of the different sounds just click in my brain, thanks for the experience!

  • Thanks Uprising!

  • Thanks DealerC!

  • I like this. It's nice for work/focus music.

  • BTF

  • Thanks Oedipax. Your feedback is important to me. I like your observation about the use of the track.

  • I like your ideas and experiments. They are cool! This would make good music for a short animated experimental film. :)

  • Nexuz319, Vhh, Sound Hunter, WhiteGrizzly, thank you al!l

  • :D