In Memory Of Lost Loved Ones.

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  • Your designs are pretty cool :)

  • haha potasmic that's right :)

  • there's two discosapiens in the background!

  • beautiful.. what a groover..

  • Thank you all guys <3

  • Splendid! :)

  • sounds like early 2000's deep house

  • My friend ......... Congratulations again for another great track.

    Excellent work and great sound you get from your repertoire.

    A big hug.


  • Thnak u all guys, you made my day :D

  • really oldschool love it

  • oh man. missed quite a lot of stuff from you, wtf

  • fantastic ! thx for sharing that to us my friend :)

  • Glad you like it Alec ;)

  • Man this is so underrated. The transitions are really nice man and there are so many little details that make this track so awesome. Thanks for the relaxing house beats

  • Thank you Sharkyyo. Glad you like it man ;)