er ok I've played with this again, really I don't know when to stop......

Thanks to anyone whose commented or faved already, hope you get to re-listen :)

Don't know why its cows in space, just something random?

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  • Great one man. Love the overall vibe of this one. Nice dark as i like it :)

  • Holy shit! This is some of the best AT dubstep I have heard in a while.

  • cool noize man

  • awesome

  • love the basses :)

  • the piano that comes in at 1:42 just makes the thing awesome, combined with the bass. excellent job! :)

  • ERHMAGHERD!!!! thats AWESOME! one of the best things ive heard on audiotool! amazing track! :)

  • Yes ! I love this "climat"... Thx for your music, heliotronic.

  • kool

  • solid track m8

  • awesome sound bro love it :)

  • nice.

  • Oh Hell Yeah, This is Great.

  • Thanks arche :)!

  • why not cows in space? That's what I say :). Nice one!