used a sample of the game rings of medusa, as a tribute enjoy !!

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  • Super Idee! Vor allem hast du das Ganze nicht so aufdringlich gemacht, wie es bei vielen Tracks der Fall ist, die bekannte Samples aus SPielen/Filmen whatever benutzen. Ist wirklich gut geworden!

  • nice one. and i smile about the "Amiga-Tag", good old times ;)

  • than my job is done thanks

  • This has got to be one of my favourite tracks on audiotool. I keep coming back to listen some more.

  • Excellent

  • Nice melodic line.

  • very cool track!

  • cool ambience

  • cool, really good...!

  • really dark atmosphere ! really good song

  • thanx to all of you audiotool forever !!! ;)

  • Very good!

  • dark!

  • This has some really great parts in it. I especially like it when the beat drops in.

  • very cool... make me feel indian or egyptian :)