I ran 12 km to take that cover photo. Yeah I'm crazy for being a runner.

I was inspired to make some dubstep. Not sure if this is dubstep, though. There are way too many subgenres of this type of music.

In making this track, I wanted to juxtapose the calmer piano and the heavier bass. The piano break is followed by a bassy drop with a screaming lead synth.

I used oscillator sync in the "sync (sink) bass". Turns out it can produce some interesting effects. You should try it too, if you haven't. I think sync is one of the lesser used functions.

Goal 12: Failed.

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  • Almost missed this track!

  • wow dat awesome

  • as always..amazing

  • AMAZING ... Thats All

  • sounds like a car advertising tune ... a little bit too professional for my personal taste but that shouldn't be negative for you ;)

  • the bassy part flows so well! it feels really fast, much faster than the rhythm of the song, i think it's a really cool effect that you achieved. great track!! also thumbs up for the singing synth! great track!

  • Very nice, massive sounds, G1m8:)!

  • btf. really unique piece of musical genius here man. can't stop listening to 4.10

  • road more traveled*. just saying. this is pretty much moombah/glitch hop I think. actually reminds me somewhat of Uprising's dubstep style. pads are freakin perfect as always, and I have to agree with tophat, the piano sticks! maybe it's because of the juxtaposition of the wobbles vs. the piano...

    The pads.... what....and 3.12 <3 No matter what you touch, you seem to make beautiful melodies. Loved this track! 4.09 O_O awesome, the vibrato synth

  • refave!!! truly amaaaazing!

  • Damn this is good. Good fusion of dissonance from that crazy bass with your usual, pretty melodies. It's yin and yang :)


  • And this may be called "Glitch Hop" which is jazzy electro/dubstep noises at about 110 bpm, although I'm not sure..

  • Well there is literally a genre called "110 bpm"

  • Moomplextrance. Yeh.

    I'm in love with this. One of my favorite songs. :')

    There's a name for 100-110ish BPM tracks... I just can't remember...