Continued from my fake ping-pong delay template. I wanted to finish this first before releasing other music. And since it's so bad and uninspired, I could barely open the draft without becoming bored and quitting. That's why I haven't been releasing anything lately.

Since this is so bad, I am turning this into a Rhieahmmihcksiphihckayshauwn Khampuhtihshauwn. I am the judge. These are the rules, and other info:

1. Make it better. The original sucks.

4. Make it Baounsce™!

5. I am an extremely biased judge, not necessarily toward trance, but toward Baounsciness.

3. I became bored and release results very late.

2. Deadline shall be July 1st.

6. The Baounsciest Rhieahmmihcksiphihckayshauwn wins.


@kiari is the winner!

My thoughts on the remixes:

@CallyKay added synths to the chord progression. The beginning is the best. I especially like the melody created with the square pluck. However, as the remix progresses, it becomes overproduced with too many instruments trying to take the lead. Quality of mixing is diminished as a result.

@kiari has the best produced remix, with the most Baounsce™. Even though less was changed in this remix than the others, I believe this one sounds the best, especially with the lead arp reversed. However, the reversal of the arp resulted in the reversal of its chord progression, which didn't match with that created by the pad and bass. Nice Baounsce™ section, but I'd like to hear part of it unBaounsced.

@quat has a nice ambient approach. I like its simplicity, although I feel that the beginning doesn't have enough going on. The bass that comes in later provides support, perhaps too much because it is too loud. The quality of production and mixing did not meet my standards.

Thanks to all who participated for showing me your wonderful interpretations of my bad, unBaounscey track. I held the Khampuhtihshauwn to hear the Rhieahmmihcksiphihckayshauwns rather than to choose a winner. So if you didn't win, don't feel bad; feel good that you made a contribution.

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  • This literally sounds like the NCIS theme

  • throwback

  • hold on... i'm deciphering the title of this thing...

    ok. got it. it's pretty much "remixification competition".

  • omg you made this remixable, thankyouthankyouthankyou, thank god i still have the idea for this still in my head :D

  • damn, i can't. :(

  • i'm going to remix, even though the contest is over. i just want to. XD

  • Yessss I lost. More importantly, you told me why I lost so I can be a better person. Thank you!

  • Can I be mad just to be mad... XD

  • @Cosmic DaVinci I never stated that everyone is a winner, but you read my mind. Everyone is a winner here just for making the remixes that I wanted. But I had to choose a "real" winner with the most Baounsce™ so that people wouldn't get angry that the competition was for nothing.

  • at least everyone wins.

  • Yay!!!

  • That's pretty sad for 3 remixes

  • M8 ill unbaousce da rhieahmmicksiphickayshauwn at a l8r teim, rite now i thnk is gud whar it is yaknow m8?

  • Yah syntax's wuz they baounseeist rheamicks ov Dem oll boht eye that et wiz fun enee wayah. XD... inavon your better at that language then I am by far lol