It's been a while since my last trancey trance track, so here some quick simple trance with only four synths. I had trouble keeping the arp in control because its release is so long. So it still sounds muddy.

I like my pluck samples.

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  • ahhh, ok. it makes sense now.

  • @Typanic I want a longer release on the arp because I think it's proper. It's just that the it makes the mixing so much harder.

  • how come you didn't shorten the release on the arp then?

  • lol i did a remix hopefully i didnt completely destroy ur song xD

  • OK... how did i miss this...??? wow wow wow wow wow so aweshume as usual, you never cease to make amazing music every freaking time!!!!

  • Wow I missed this??? Awesome!

  • Sweet, I gotta learn how to make synths man.

  • Btf

  • A city! I have a city!

  • Lol it sounds like a mix of "Residue" and "Around The Endless Corner".

    My criticism is that your music is starting to sound the same. Exceptions are "The Psykick", "Fire me", and "All My Friends".

  • Good job.

  • Nice progression, nice drums. Really great one.

  • Nice rolling mid bass, I've haven't heard too many decent ones on here. Have yet to hear a well layered one.

  • sound always better with you even if the piano note could be more attractive