A New Beginning .

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  • ok i see where you've been now

  • future trap??

  • this track is rlly goooooood

  • i was going to make a track named overdrive

    but it seems you beat me to it

    i already made the cover art and everything

    oh well ;,(

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  • Nice soundtrack i could deffinetly chill off this vibe.


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  • This is nice but I feel like you should use a heavier kick. or add gravity to it maybe use breezo heavy kick preset.

  • This is good, but I feel like the kick is way too weak


  • you see this is what i like to see, artists that prove their skill and authenticity through a beautiful sounding track while also using more than just 3 assets im glad this actually got spotlight rather than being shunned away.

  • 100th comment and

    1st place on trap charts!

  • this is insane

  • dope stuff.

    wheres the kick tho

  • this is amazing keep it up