Finally the time came, I thought it would take longer, and coincidence is a synthwave.

well, as i said a while ago on my wall, to celebrate the arrival of the 100 followers, i would show my face (even if only half), well, here it is, as promised.

Here is a song with a theme that was inspired by a remix of the "Stranger Things" theme song that I heard some time ago. In this song I used a technique that I learned recently in a random video that suddenly appeared to me, in short, it consists of using a DTune to give a little bit of imperceptible distortion, but that gives that spice that was lacking in previous projects. even so, i know there is still a long way to go to complete the holes that come out in these projects, but as the name says, they are projects lol.



Part I:

So close to reach, and

So far away. with that which

suffer all that again

It could hurt. like a drain

that's open taking everything. can it stop?

Drops of rain, peace to bring.

everything before

awesome like a dream. no more

about that thing it can't beam.


Part II:

Falls down, at the cave

deepness, like my sigh

when all that is over. Can you save

it in your soul. all the brigh'

at a glance,lost the night.

take a bit of care,

cause it's arising, a nightmare.





"All writing can be crossed out. but what has been said only remains to add!"

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