With sebastian

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  • This is still sick asf


  • damn reminds me yung lean , very good instrument

    • doesn't rlly remind me of yung lean. his stuff is a lot more calmer then this kek

  • 4k plays, ayyy

  • Im not I'm literally just saying there voices sound the same lmao comethazines voice is cool af

  • His voice lol

  • This guy kinda sounds like comethazine tho lmao

  • In hindsight i hear a lot of dinosaur friends in this.

    • Thats what i meant @etterath , just sound design similarities and some hints of compositional stuffs i recognize from dinofren songe

    • besides some of the sound design i don't really hear it

    • its kinda funny though, sebastian wanted that yoshi sound so i had to go back to that draft and nab that sample. other than that i dont hear it at all

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  • Art, it deserves more exposure, link in bio, I’m sure me and my team can get this out there. Guaranteed 7000 plays and 400 likes.

  • rasselbock: *exists*

    sebastian and heissen: its free real estate

  • it actually slightly pisses me off that yall make a good ass song, and organize it like that......

  • ngl, when i say i had fun making this, i REALLY did have fun making it, such a track

  • oh this bangs hard

  • havent heard stuff like this on at in a while

  • how tf did yall do those arps