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  • Refav this beast

  • masterpiece !!! i listened it yesterday during my work out...... great motivating track !!

  • wait, i never faved this?

  • fucking great!

  • this is a muthafucking piece of groaning art, it's great to listen to this in andré's mix, makes me love it a billion times more

  • I still love that clap.

  • ReReReReFav.................BELLISSIMA!! :D

  • come and listen to "piano techno"

  • ....downloading...

  • This sounds like... nothing heard before. Scary trip. The beat pumps like hell. Pumping in a good way, not this brainless extreme sidechaining.

  • cool!

  • Amazing !

  • @carylon

    That's because Santa Muerta is some Mexican ghost demon skeleton thingy. (SCARY)

  • Sumad + EliaTrix (hehe) + Ghost Town = SANTA MUERTE