A sudden spark of creativity.

Original: Gone (EP is up for download!)


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  • all I can say is #nostolgic (probably spelled wrong)

  • beautiful sound

  • this is literally the warmest song on Audiotool

  • <3


  • coming back to this brings back memories of being a freshman

  • holy shit

  • that's superb programming....oozing with style and groove....just superb...!

  • Thank you :D

  • Refav, best song on at

  • Hey man, hope you're doing good ! It's been a long time since i didn't go on audiotool and i never had to listen to this one ! That's clearly one of your best tracks bro, downloaded it before the sound even ended haha

    Peace Nick' :)

  • oh my gosh :L

  • Same, still one of my faves. I imagine this is what a Coldplay/Zone mashup would sound like ;)

  • best song so far

  • I wnat to download this