Cover of track Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (MELODY) by Phenom
  • about 6 years ago
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Phenom, Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (MELODY)


Just improved the synth sound and i must admit it sounds pretty good! ;-0

use it for remixes or if you need the melody for any reason. Take it...


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    Hydrium about 3 years ago

    You really should release the synths on a preset. I hate when people dont.

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    yokillergamer about 4 years ago

    I really like it and its great but the long silence at the end is kinda bad. plz come over to my profile and listen to my first track. Thx

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      xom about 1 year ago

      yoooooo lolol look at this dood

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    Roasted_Br0 about 3 years ago

    Your good with synths keep up the good work!

  • User Avatar

    Miikkis about 3 years ago

    fucking shit

  • User Avatar

    35 about 4 years ago