yes, i remade my own remix. i felt like the last one was lacking in drums and sound design. it still isn't perfect but oh well! plz enjoy!

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  • 👍

  • sick

  • I loves this! Why is this not more popular

  • pretty cool.

  • Awesome *-*

  • @M5kII i really dont like how empty the beat at the end is though haha

  • This song is actually pretty cool!

  • this is the best remix of this scary monsters ive heard!!! love it! man.

  • @Teutonist haha i've always loved Noisia's build-ups, especially in Machine Gun

  • Google Evol Intent Mutiny or Noisia Exorcism

  • oh this is good, i made about 4 remixes before (deleted alot of my songs) and they were really bassy, but this is pretty good too!