"Gold link chains swing down to my balls"

Anyway, here's the big project I've been working on! My first pure(ish) Breakcore track! I've been working on this longer than when I started work on "Corrupt Signal". Ironically, however, a lot of what your actually hearing was done over the past weekend; I had been beating myself to a pulp trying to get this to sound right and couldn't find it until yesterday. :/

If it weren't for Parov Stelar and some guy rapping about his balls I probably would have had to scrap this.

I also did did some did some expirementing with the cetroid's EQ.... I think it helped... Maybe I shouldn't have so many samples playing at once... Maybe...

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    about 4 years ago

    Needs more distortion.

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    Blind Hyena

    about 6 years ago


    Because it's fitting.